Ark: Survival Evolved Reveal New Update And Trailer

The PBSF Pathfinders arm of the Pixel Bandits Clan has been heavily invested in the Studio Wildcard title as soon as it made its way over onto the Xbox One Game Preview Program. With the tribal nature of the game, and with these MMO titles being our stock in trade it seemed like a natural progression from our Elite Dangerous arm, and has even featured in an official Elite News Story, even it was submitted by ourselves

“Captain Anaidni, head of the Pixel Bandits Security Force in the Neto and Wolf 1509 systems, has announced his satisfaction at the influx of new recruits to the PBSF. Many pilots taking leave on Ark Island have returned, bringing fresh recruits with them” – CMDR Spike Thompson, Official Galnet News

We’re happy to see today that the Wildcard team haven’t been resting on their laurels too much, and are as promised creating new content, adding new items, and fixing bug reports with the title, which released mid December. With a new trailer released on YouTube today (which can of course be found below) the title has added a new creature to the game along with new SWAT reminiscent armor and much more.

The Gallimimus in real life was a large, chicken-like omnivore, but in game it’s a non-aggressive herbivore which will seat up to three survivors and (importantly) is likely to be the fastest creature on Ark Island, making it perfect for tabing into and retreating from enemy territory. Along with the new dino players can find;

  • New Armor: SWAT Style assault armor tier
  • New Weapon: Electric Prod
  • New Structures: Greenhouse, or Glass tileset, with benefit to growing plants
  • Improved Save/Load features

It looks like we might be heading back to Ark island in numbers once more, and we’re still very much looking forward to Splitscreen gaming coming “early 2016”, and we’ll bring more on that as it’s announced. If you haven’t already checked out Ark it’s available on Steam with a 40% discount for early birds and is also on Xbox Game Preview, again at a discounted rate from full release. Check out the new features from the latest update in the highlights reel and trailer below and keep your eyes on our Facebook and Twitter as we often stream our adventures on the Island


[Edit – Updated January 30th 12:45]

This patch will also be coming to Xbox One in early February (a preliminary date of the 10th) and will contain

  • All PC content through version 233 – Beer, Dung Beetle, Dimetrodon, Gallimimus, Shock Prod, Riot Armor, Greenhouse Tileset etc.
  • Split Screen Multiplayer (Both Local AND Online!)
  • Non Dedicated tether range increased and player count raised to 8
  • Bug fixes, settings addition and more


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