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While we were busy creating our new look website (and I think we can agree we did a good job) others were doing something more suitably amazing. The Speedrun specialists over at Awesome Games Done Quick took last week to instead raise some money for a worthy cause, the Prevent Cancer Foundation.

The organizers announced yesterday that through donations raised (all while streaming live to their twitch channel) from January 3rd to 10th the AGDQ crew’s Winter Event managed to secure over $1.2 million for the foundation.

There were many gamers who put their time, thumbs, and money forward to help this great drive and everybody who assisted with the event, held in Herndon Virginia, deserves a righteous round of applause. That should include the donators themselves, with one donation coming in at a huge $18,255 pulling up an average of around $40 per donation.

The next event will take place this summer, controversially from July 3rd through 10th, cutting right through the USA’s national 4th of July celebrations, but with donations coming in worldwide, it doesn’t seem to be causing much concern for the awesome folks over at Awesome Games Done Quick.

In case you didn’t catch it on twitch, we’ve linked to their YouTube video below showing an amazing Speedrun of Super Metroid, featuring two players (Sweetnumb and OatsnGoats) using one controller, and you can find more AGDQ information on their Website, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube


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