Elite: Dangerous Hits The 1.4 Million Mark

Frontier Developments, creators of the epic space shooter Elite Dangerous (which you may know holds a special place in our hearts) has today announced that they have now passed 1.4 million units to date with their latest installment.

Released for PC in December 2014 after a successful crowdfunding campaign, the game was also released for Mac in early 2015 and was the first title to grace the new Xbox Game Preview Program after last year’s E3. It was also the first Triple-A game to offer full native SteamVR support and if you have the opportunity, it’s definitely worth checking out.

As players, we came onto the Elite scene many years ago, and their titles through the ages have wowed many. Just when console gaming was screaming for a Space Shooter for the new generation, Frontier handed us something that surpassed all expectations, even while in the notoriously bug-ridden world of the Preview Program.

With 400 Billion (not a typo) star systems to explore, the possibilities are endless, Pledge to a power and work to expand your territories, create a minor faction (and be represented in game) and maintain your presence in the galaxy, or simply run off bounty hunting or exploring. For the explorers among us, be warned, the Elite galaxy is a 1:1 model of our own milky way. In space terms that might seem small but if you want to spend just one minute in each system (without counting travel time) it will take you 7,610 years of solid constant play… so probably not something we’ll get round to by the weekend.

For those of you not in the know, the PBSF Clan which we are proud to head up actually started off as an Elite: Dangerous faction. Our morally upright group of pilots still patrol the galaxy today, and if it wasn’t for Elite, that would never have happened so a big thank you from us to you, Frontier, for kick-starting our community, and for giving us the game I’ve been waiting for since Colony Wars.

Check our our Elite Dangerous recruitment video below, and if you ever feel lost and directionless in the galaxy, we’re a welcoming bunch over near the starter systems

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bPQHF–ot4Q]

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