Lichdom: Battlemage Giveaway Starts Today for US Gamers

Maximum games, creators of the mana-based First-Person-Witch-em-up (Totally taking credit for that, put my name on the trademark) have today launched a social media giveaway for the Lichdom: Battlemage title. In the 8 weeks between now and the title’s release on PS4 and Xbox One we will all have numerous chances to win either a copy of the game, or exclusive L:B t-shirts

Lichdom:Battlemage looks to be a title we’d enjoy here at Pixel Towers. Think of a polished Skyrim which focuses on spell-casting, rather than a sword and shield and you’re halfway there. There’s more information to come on the title, and the Maximum Games Youtube, Facebook, and Twitter will all be showing off different bosses, powers and abilities in the coming weeks. The developers are promising to show some more depth in these weekly videos to the creative freedom players will be given with spell-crafting of their very own, with thousands of spells to be crafted from the basic sigils

To enter the competition, simply head to your social media site of choice, and take a look at the new video, published every Friday at 9am EST. There will be a question in there for you to answer and you’ll have a week to do so. Maximum Games will randomly select 5 winners, all of whom will receive an exclusive Lichdom: Battlemage t-shirt and one of whom will win a free pre-order copy of the game through Amazon for either PS4 or Xbox One. Importantly, this competition is available to US Residents only.

We’re a little disappointed that the rest of the world is excluded from the competition, however the game itself is looking pretty tasty, and you can check out a trailer for Battlemage just below. Like the illegitimate child of Skyrim and Call of duty, Battlemage will feature no cooldown periods, and no mana bars, leaving you free to throw spells out anywhere you like, and leading to fast paced, shooter-esque gameplay.

As ever we’d love to hear your thoughts on this title, a fairly unique game in itself, but do you think is has what it takes? Let us know in the comments or over on Facebook and Twitter


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