World of Tanks Launch Announced for PS4

The Hard-core PlayStation 4 tankers among us will be happy to hear that Wargaming have announced that World of Tanks will be launching on Sony’s big black box in just four days, on January 19th.

The developers have announced that like other platforms, World of Tanks will remain Free To Play on PlayStation and will require a simple PlayStation account, meaning that wannbe tankers don’t have to fork out for the PlayStation Plus membership. ย However the Plus membership holders will gain access to a Premium Bundle at launch, featuring the exclusive Pz.Kpfw. II Ausf.J German Light Tank bundle and three days of premium account time along with special discounts on other purchases


Built specifically for PS4, this version looks to completely integrate the PlayStation Dual Shock 4 controller, and will also support Share Play, PS Vita Remote Play and optimized controls. Players who log in before January 31s will also receive a T1E6-PS US Premium Light Tank with exclusive camouflage.

If you want to check our world of Tanks in more detail head over here for more information, or look below for the PS4 Announcement Trailer


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