Xbox One Update Rolling Out Today

The updates which Xbox Preview members have been enjoying so far this month will today be rolling out for the general population. We’ve been waiting a while for a few of these so it’s a real boon to finally get the majority of the Xbox crowd finally up to speed and we’re sure that there are features there that will be used.

Instead of just the arbitrary “improvements to trending” and such the we can get, this update actually seems pretty swish, and has some much appreciated features coming over to your Xbox today;

Firstly you can now buy Xbox 360 Backward Compatible games on your Xbox One. A real treat for those of us still a little addicted to the older generation. Instead of having to go through a browser, you’ll now be able to purchase and download directly through your Xbox One console.

Party chat can now be included in your Twitch broadcasting. A great feature for those wanting to show off teamwork and a possible way of staging your own budget podcast via Xbox One and Twitch, as long as you can play and talk at the same time! Party leaders will of course have the option to mute, and each player will have to accept or decline, though if they choose not to be included in the broadcast, they can still caht as ever in party. Windows 10 PCs with members in part will also be able to be broadcast

As well as twitch, party chat can now be broadcast simultaneously through speakers and headset, a good move for anybody wanting both channels loud and clear, and parties are now able to hold 16 people at once, although we’ve yet to find a way of stopping folks from talking over each other quite so much!

Folks using the Xbox DVR can also now adjust the default “record that” length to longer, or shorter, than the standard 30 seconds. This will allow you to set up “Record That” length to 15 seconds, 30 seconds, 45 seconds, 1 minute, 3 minutes or 5 minutes.

The Xbox One guide now shows a special achievements area, which will make life easier for those of us tracking our accomplishments, and will mean you don’t have to snap open in a separate app, but rather just keep an eye on your one guide

Improvements have also been made to the video playback in the activity feed, meaning that you don’t have to open a separate window to view. You can also now simply press the X button in order to Like a video directly on the feed.

Elite controller Thumbstick control now has a separate space in your settings, allowing you to customise thumbstick behavior slightly and allowing for greater control, and including the movement on a 3dimensional plane, rather than the standard 2d

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  1. OMG ITS TAKEN THEM THIS LONG! Been wanting party and game chat through both speakers and headset for ages now. Party chat is a start!

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