Games With Gold – May 2016

Well, while April’s Wolf Among Us and Sunset Overdrive, Dead Space and Saints row were all well received by all of us here at Pixel Bandits, I’m afraid to say May is not looking anywhere near as promising on Xbox One. The 360 gets a couple of solid games (and I don’t know anybody who actively dislikes Peggle) but in the grand scheme of things it’s not a hard hitter.

Maybe it’s because we were treated to some awesome games during April, but this months offering seems a little lackluster. Let us know what you think as ever in the comments below or over on your favourite branch of social media


Xbox One

May 1st – 31st – Defense Grid 2
May 16th – June 15th – Costume Quest 2

Xbox 360

May 1st – 15th – GRID 2
May 16th – 31st –  Peggle


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