Games With Gold – June 2016

For me, it’s another halfway disappointing month for Games With Gold. However, there are some things there which tickle my fancy and some which will probably be popular with the larger community

The highlight for me is certainly Xcom for xbox 360. Marred only by the fact that I still own this title, we were very happy to see it added when we went over our Backwards Compatibility Cribsheet (although we were hoping for Duck Tales to make it’s way to Games With gold this month)

While Goat Simulator and Super Meat Boy aren’t ones for us, no doubt they will be popular with a lot of arcade and nonsense loving folks, at the moment we’re too stuck into Subnautica to look at too much else… whoopsie.

Xbox One

June 1st – 30th – Goat Simulator
June 16th – July 15th – The Crew

Xbox 360

June 1st – 15th – Super Meat Boy
June 16th – 30th – Xcom Enemy Unknown


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