Parent’s Guide – Battle Worlds: Kronos

We’ve recently had gaming reinforcements deployed, in the form of the Turn Based Strategy (or Flank-Em-Up as I may start referring to them) Battle Worlds: Kronos. This is a title close to my heart as I am and have always been a lover of board gaming and tabletop warfare, just as much as video games.

To start with, this is NOT an easy game. There are no difficulty settings, and the one you are set by default seems to be “As Nails” but that hasn’t stopped me enjoying my time with the game. The tutorial will accompany you as you take on the first missions and as the game says if you can’t beat it, it’s not because you’re not good enough, or because the game is too hard, but just because you haven’t been paying attention!

That said, I had to fail at the first mission twice before finally getting myself together and beating it, by a fairly narrow margin. though it’s a game which makes you work for the victory, I’ve definitely enjoyed my hands on time with the title and as you can see below, we’ve had a good amount ot time poured in already, with just the first mission alone taking over an hour to complete.

The store front for Kronos promises 60 hours of gameplay. we can’t exactly vouch for that as we’ve not had the time to complete it as yet, but from what we’ve played so far it seems they may even have been erring on the side of caution with that. Certainly, and unlike other games we’ve looked into recently, the price tag on this one seems justified. If you like your turn based gaming, and even have a passing interest in hex based board gaming, the £15.99 / $19.99 sit down cash for the game seems more than reasonable and will give you a good amount of value for money.

The Run down

Graphics: 4/10: There’s nothing super special about the graphics here. In honesty, the cut scenes are a little lacking from what I would normally expect from a current-gen title, and the “Amstrad Blue” of the non discovered map is a little jarring

Story: 9/10: We’ve nejoyed the story so far. A war torn planet, a search for the new emperor (let’s not guess who that might end up being) and a view of the story from multiple perspectives is a really nice touch

Sound: 8/10: As with every soundtrack, this one blends into the background quite well, but it does shine for me as the orchestra swells from time to time, leaving you with some great “military feel-good” music to guide you on your journey

Replayability: 6/10: There’s a good amount of variety here, and it’s a game where you can always try levels again and see what you might do differently this time. Losing points simply as there is no multiplayer mode here.

Satisfaction: 8/10: I’ve enjoyed my time with Kronos. The graphical elements are the only bit which has detracted for me, but while I find the bright blue screen to be a little dazzling, the gameplay and story have managed to shine through. Certainly offering value for money, as you can easily get many hours out of Battle Worlds without even blinking.

Our video below will take us through the full Parent’s Guide for Battle Worlds: Kronos. Rating for all PEGI warnings as ever, and has now been upgraded to full Parent’s Guide review


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