Parents’ Guide – The Technomancer

Hello again Bandits. We’ve been lucky enough over the past weeks to have some good hands on time with The Technomancer, and so far we’ve enjoyed what we’ve seen. It’s an interesting title, reminiscent of later Final Fantasy instalments, but with some different battle mechanics which we’ve come to enjoy after our time with the game.

It’s an expansive world, and while we’ve progressed some way through the story, there’s a fairly impressive amount to do within the title. With the main campaign of around 20 hours augmented with almost the same amount of time again with side quests and our own personal favourite, just wandering around the areas picking fights.

The Technomancer is a solid third person RPG which will please fans of the hack and slash and fist fighting of titles such as the Batman Series. While it lacks a little polish in cutscenes, the fighting mechanics are a particular favourite. With an expansive library of ability upgrades, you can choose to strengthen particular styles on your journey, but the ability to switch between these instantly at any point in the game is a nice feature, and one we’ve taken thorough advantage of.


With a good amount of crafting options, locations, and companions within The Technomancer there’s a lot to do other than just following along with the main story, but it’s important to remember that every mission you complete, and actions you take on Mars will have an effect on your relations with different factions, and some companions may leave you altogether, if you go against their moral code. The unique story arcs of your companions can unlock new abilities, and change attitudes themselves, and we know that while we’ve spent a good amount of time within the game, we’ve certainly not seen everything it has to offer.

Whether you’re playing a jack of all trades, or picking particular paths with your upgrades to Technomancer abilities, Warrior style, Rogue style, or guardian, we do think you’ll have fun with the Technomancer, as long as you can look past the very slight lack of finish within graphics and voice acting. If you enjoyed the action of the Witcher, there’s a good chance you’ll like Technomancer, but take a good look at the video above and our run down, if you’re still on the fence.

The Run down

Graphics: 7/10: We were a little disappointed while watching the first cut scene as the animations within them look a little dated, however once inside the game itself while the graphics aren’t outstanding, we don’t find they detract from your adventure

Story: 9/10: Story is strong within The Technomancer. With a strong narrative, some great characters and an air of mystery to your time on Mars. The fact that your relationships with people change dynamically as your adventure continues, it’s one where you’ll have to think of your actions and their consequences

Sound: 6/10: As ever good sound sometimes can blends into the background in gaming, this is definitely the case here, but while not woeful musically, the voice acting can sometimes leave a little to be desired

Replayability: 8/10: With so much to do in the game, and so many paths which can be taken not just in terms of story, but in your skill tree, we’re definitely going to have another run through in the near future and going back over the styles we’ve not used much this go around.

Satisfaction: 8/10: Overall we’re satisfied with The Technomancer. It’s not quite as polished as we’d expect from a AAA title, but with an expansive world to explore, dynamic changes to your relationships, and a whole host of upgrades, crafting, and companions to interact with it’s one which has kept us interested. The combat is enjoyable, if a little easy with particular styles, but when you pull it off without a hitch, you’ll feel like a lord of Mars yourself

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