Flashback – G-Police (1997)

A little while ago we took a look at one of our favourites from way back when, in the form of JetCopters, shooty future crime domes, and a difficulty level which spiked pretty high during the later levels. It’s one we still love today, even with it’s admittedly poor draw distance and you can see our full Flashback above.

For a game which is almost 20 years old, G-Police is still a lot of fun to play. the graphics are admittedly a little more dated than you might expect, but when have we ever really cared about those. The Early missions in G-Police are still great fun to fly through, and nothing too tricky until you get tto the later levels which you will likely find almost impossible by today’s standards. With little hand holding, tough enemies, and no too much in the way of support (though you did get a wing man).

One of the things that really separated G-Police from the other games of its time (with some noteable exceptions) was the immersive and well thought out story, something that was all too often overlooked in the days or Arcade gaming (and sadly, some may argue, even today, with favour being shown to multiplayer shoot em up experiences).

G-Police took place over 35 missions, which wasn’t (and isn’t still) a small amount of time to sink in, and of course some great value for your money. Our PB Score on Release for G-Police is a 10. While the draw distance left a lot to be desired, the graphics were otherwise good for the time. It was a great game, with a great story, solid flight mechanics and a lot of explosions (Plus, JetCopters!). It gave you a lot of play time, and while later levels are punishing, there was a great sense of satisfaction when you finally beat them

Our RetroScape score for today drops to a 7. As ever all we have to compare it to is modern gaming, and as we go further with our powerful machines, Draw Distance in older titles such as this really takes a pounding. That, coupled with the fact that levels which were hard almost 20 years ago seem nigh on impossible these days (we’ve gone soft in our old age). While the score does drop a few points, it’s still a favourite in our collection, and makes the trip from the shelf to the little grey box regularly.

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