Games With Gold – August 2016

Our Games With Gold have been announced today for August, and it’s another one for us which could have gone a little better. Maybe our hope for Red Dead Redemption was just too strong but that said, it can’t be bad if it’s free (apart from Tron, obviously) and we are looking forward to trying out some of these as we’ve not given any of them a go as yet.

It’s been a little while since we got massively into any wrestling titles (last time was Smackdown, probably) and everybody needs a good hack and slash to jump in and out of so the Xbox one crowd are definitely covered. It would have been great, had the rumours been right, to get Red Dead back for 360 but with the sales they’ve seen since their announcement earlier in the month, I can certainly see why they’re holding off

As ever let us know what you’d like to see go backwards compatible in the comments below, of on your social media of choice.

Xbox One

August 1st – 31st – Warriors Orochi 3
August 16th – September 15th – WWE 2K16

Xbox 360

August 1st – 15th – Spelunky
August 16th – 31st – Beyond Good & Evil HD

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