Agent 47 Targets Bangkok (Trailer)

Hitman Episode 4: Bangkok goes live today and will be entering the first of the Asian locations for this season. The “Club 27” missions showers players with the luxury and exuberance you would expect from a luxury hotel and resort, and the Himmapan is exactly what we’ve been expecting from this location.

The targets for this mission include Indie band frontman Jordan Cross and the Cross Family lawyer Ken Morgan. Both of the targets are currently residing within the Himmapan as The Class put the finishing touches to their highly-anticipated sophomore album.

The Chao Phraya River banks are a wonderful location and as ever you’ll be able to find plenty of different locations within the stage, and plenty of opportunities to knock off your contracts in weird and wonderful ways. The exotic gardens and grans interior of the Himmapan are a beautiful backdrop for 47 and with all new challenges, disguises and gear, and over 75 challenges, Episode 4 is not to be missed!

We still have the United States to look forward to before Agent 47 makes his way to Japan for the series finale a little later in the year, but keep your eyes open and let us know how you chose to take out your targets in the comments below, or on your favourite social media channel and of course, don’t forget to check out the trailer above.

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