Parent’s Guide – The Final Station

With thanks to Tiny Build we’ve been taking a look recently at the 8bit platform zombie shooter which is the Final Station. It’s an absolute steal on the Xbox store at the moment at under £12 and under 15 dollars and euros. This little game does well and though we can be a little wary of 8bit titles in today’s market, we’re thoroughly impressed with what we’ve seen.

Playing as a lowly train operator you are recruited by the military to deliver cargo and pick up survivors from the towns and cities where you can. Each passenger safely delivered to their Final Station is worth some cash, and possibly medkits or other items which you can use for crafting in your little locomotive.

It sounds a fairly simple premise, and it is, though with systems failing on the train, and ensuring your passengers are alive and well fed along the trip it can be a tough balancing act between their survival, and yours as you scavenge what you can from the stops along your way

In each station it’s your task to find the code which will unlock the coupling keeping your train in the station. This might be a fairly easy one in the earlier levels, but as you progress it does become a little trickier to navigate your way through what we’re presuming are undead citizens overtaken by black gloop seemingly caused by “The Visitation”


As you make your way around the dystopian urban sprawl you can find more than creatures out to get you and crafting items though, and there’s a good story (a few nice stories actually) which can run through as you read little notes, emails and text messages along your way, while searching for your unlock key.

The Run Down

Graphics: 7/10:  There’s nothing really wrong with the graphics, they’re solid and well defined, however with it being pixel art (nothing wrong with that) there’s nothing here likely to blow you away

Story: 9/10: A decent plot which keeps you guessing along your journey through the many stations, and tiny little sub stories on your way as well in the form of texts, emails and notes.

Sound: 9/10: The in game effects are solid here, and there are some nice haunting melodies as your little locomotive pushes its way further into the wasteland

Replayability: 7/10: Because the menu makes it a little hard to see what you’re doing here, we’ve accidentally wiped our saved game not once, but twice, losing many hours. We’ve started again to find that it doesn’t bother us that much, and there’s something about this which brings us back in, finding new areas, passengers, and story along our way.

Satisfaction: 9/10: While we’re normally wary of 8bit titles feeding simply off nostalgia, the Final Station is a class act and with the stupidly low price, we’d say you should definitely give it a try. The simplicity of the controls and idea are great, and somehow the game manages to draw you in almost to the same level as some Triple A titles (and that said, considerably MORE than some Triple A titles as well).

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