Pixel Bandits 2016 Top Ten

It’s been a long old year so far and while we’re almost out of the woods, it’s not over yet. We’ve seen some great games in 2016, and there are a few still knocking around from last year that we’re quite addicted too still as well, but it’s around that time when the Top Ten lists start being thrown about, and we’re no exception.

Of course with the year not being over as yet, and with certain fresh releases not having had much of a chance, we do have some honourable mentions as well just below but we’re happy today to announce the Pixel Bandits Top Ten of 2016


01Battlefield 1EA DiceElectronic Arts
02Titanfall 2Respawn EntertainmentElectronic Arts
03Rocket LeaguePsyonixPsyonix
04Dark Souls 3FROM SoftwareBandai Namco
05Deus Ex: Mankind DividedEidos MontrealSquare Enix
06Lego Star Wars: The Force AwakensTraveller's TalesWarner Bros. Interactive
07The Final StationDo My Best GamesTinyBuild
08Uncharted 4Naughty DogSony Interactive Entertainment
09Fifa 17EA Canada`EA Sports
10HitmanIO InteractiveSquare Enix

There have been a few we’ve loved which didn’t quite make the list this year, and it would be rude to miss them out. Madden 17 and Trackmania Turbo filled up our sports cup (if you can pardon the pun), and our love of the alien and mysterious was ticked thoroughly by Xcom 2 and The Technomancer. Last year’s titles still poking heads through our doors in the PB Offices of course include the Witcher 3, and we still have a huge number of players in the PBSF community who are still loving Elite Dangerous.

As well as all those, of course, we also have the 2016 titles released this week and later. Final Fantasy XV hasn’t yet been played to death but we figure it most likely will be. After the day one path arrives tomorrow, The Dwarves could well be high up in our lists, and there is a multitude of other titles coming out way which could be the best game of the year. The Last Guardian, Dead Rising 4, and Steep all have releases in the next week or two, and who knows where they might lead us

If you can think of any games we’ve missed off, let us know in the comments below, of or course over on social media following the links at the bottom of all this wordy stuff

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