Parent’s Guide – Halo Wars: Definitive Edition

Greetings of the day, Bandits. Today we’re taking a look at the remastered Halo Wars: Definitive Edition, and all that comes with it. It’s another Play Anywhere title and it’s available now for all those who pre-order the Ultimate Edition of the upcoming Sequel.

We loved Halo Wars when it first released back in 2009 and we were interested to see what changes (if any) would be made for the definitive edition. Sadly, (or happily, depending on your level of optimism maybe) not much has changed, but the graphics have definitely seen an overhaul, and there are some new achievements here as well as all released DLC for the title back on the Xbox 360.

The biggest change maybe is that this is another title which enters the Play Anywhere campaign, which is great news for those who split their time between xbox and PC. A purchase (or Pre-order) on one platform will grant you the game at no extra charge on the other, and that can’t be a bad thing (especially as save games carry across between platforms!).

The story is still grand, and the controls and general gameplay are still solid, and very enjoyable. It’s a shame there’s not much new to talk about in this release but it’s still one to take a look at even if you did spend time with it since its release 7 years ago.

If you never managed to get around to giving it a whirl, we’d definitely suggest taking a look over it. Utilizing the deep Halo universe, Wars has a great story, and if you’re a fan of the RTS genre it’s one of the best we’ve played on console, and certainly another feather in the cap for 343 and Microsoft.

The Run Down

Graphics: 8/10: The graphics aren’t enough to blow you away, but there’s definitely improvement here form the original and the cutscenes and general gameplay are certainly well within the range of good

Story: 9/10: Having the rich and well enhanced Halo universe to draw from, this was always going to be a high mark. It’s dropped a point here though, just because it’s the same story we have already played through seven years ago.

Sound: 10/10:Everything you’d expect from a Halo title, the classical score compliments the cutscenes, gameplay and of course menus well, and the in game effects are good and without too much repetition for this genre

Replayability: 9/10: A good storyline and campaign to wade through as well as the skirmish modes against AI and other players enhance the replayability for this one. Being able to use both the Covenant an USMC forces was always fun, and it continues to entertain.

Satisfaction: 8/10: A solid title and one which we’ve enjoyed getting back to grips with. Marked down here just because apart from the upgraded visuals it’s nothing we’ve not gone through before, but it certainly does whet the whistle for the upcoming release of Halo Wars 2 in February. If you never got a chance to go to town on this back in 2009 you could add a point or two here, and if you’re a fan of the genre and universe, it would well be worth your time taking a look!

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