(P)review – Astroneer

Hello bandits. we’re back again today with a new (P)review and today we’re taking a look at a game that has really made the earth move for us… From the relatively small team at System Era we’re taking a look today at their first development as a team, Astroneer.

When you first touch down in Astroneer you don’t have much upon the person of your little space man. With just quick wits, pioneering experience, and a tool which can literally reshape the ground around you, you’re to set off during the 25th century gold rush to stake your claim and make your fortune.

We’ve been fairly impressed with what we’ve seen from the Game Preview title so far and while there have of course been glitches, bugs, and full on crashes as times (it’s currently in the Pre-Alpha stages still) that’s only to be expected, and when it’s behaving it truly captures the spirit of frontiersman-ship, and you’ll find yourself enjoying it more often than not.

Of course there’s nothing fast paced about Astroneer, if you’ve looking for the fast action of Titanfall you’ve come to the wrong place but with a wonderful serene soundtrack, and some beautiful rounded visuals making up the planets and moons you’ll be exploring, it’s a great title for those looking to take a little time off, and relax.

With it being one of Microsoft’s ‘Play Anywhere’ pioneers, the title will be available on both PC and Xbox, and of course to own on both you only need to purchase it once. We’ve not yet tested cross platform gaming with it, but we’d usually expect to see Play Anywhere titles bridge the gap between console and PC, and we’ve certainly spent a lot of time in game with some fellow pathfinders from the PBSF Community already.

As usual with our (P)review series, we’ll not be giving full ratings, parental or otherwise but we will definitely be keeping an eye on Astroneer with a view to awaring it our Family Heroes medal on release. With a lack of anything we’ve seen to worry about, the title is currently rates as a 7 by PEGI, and with friendly co-operative play with your friends online it’s certainly one which we’d recommend for the younger members of the family.

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