Parents’ Guide – The Surge

Today courtesy of Deck 13 and Focus Home Interactive, we’re taking a look inside the freshly released Action RPG, The Surge

while the setting may be a dystopian future, fans of Dark Souls may find some familiar surroundings with the Surge as you pile through gradually hardening enemies, who respawn every time you visit your Med center base. As you defeat them, in The Surge you’ll pick up Tech scrap instead of Souls and you’ll use this to upgrade your fancy (and not so gently installed) EXO-Suit and craft and upgrade weapons and armour.

There are varying levels of enemies ranging from tiny drones through to Metal Gear size and above, and you’ll need to defeat a fair number of these as you grind your way out to the top. not a great start to your first day on the job.

The familiar grind is somewhat of an old friend and we are by now more than used to dying, only to respawn and search frantically for our dropped tech haul before it disappears and is lost forever. We’ve found that the grind to reward ratio is pretty good here, and while it’s not so easy that you’ll race through without dying once, it’s also treading that fine line and always letting you believe you have a chance of getting through this time

The Run Down

Graphics: 9/10: The opening cut scene visuals are nothing short of outstanding, however when you get in game they can drop a little when close up with fine detail items like the main character’s hair. Overall they are solid, and plus points for some remarkable cutscene rendering.

Story: 7/10:  there’s definitely a narrative in The Surge and it’s far from bad, however it does feel like it’s missing bits and pieces and we can’t promise that will be entirely filled in as we get further into the game

Sound: 10/10: decent effects through the game and some good background music, as you’d expect blending nicely into the background. we have however taken to visiting the med toom more often than is possibly required as we have fallen a little bit in love with the song which plays whenever you’re in there.

Replayability: 8/10: There has to be some replayability here as you will literally be replaying the same levels with the same enemies over and again on your journey through this tech dystopia. What there is of the story is good, through it’ll not be an easy journey to get through the title and learn all there is about your predicament in this far from idyllic future.

Satisfaction: 8/10: We’ve enjoyed our time with The Surge and while the in game graphics were a little disappointing at first when compared with the cut scenes, the smashing bashing, robo-harassing gameplay has us fairly hooked. The different augmentations and customization to your EXO-rig gives plenty of options for mecha-carnage and anyway, we’re still stuck on this boss… you’ll know the one when you get to it.

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