Parents’ Guide – RiME

Hello Bandits, we’re back today courtesy of Tequilaworks and Grey box and we’re taking a look at their puzzle adventure, RiME. As ever find out our thoughts in detail just below, after our Parent’s guide and review

After waking up on an island beach, you’re left pretty much to your own devices in RiME as you follow an evolving and emotional story, through some puzzles and adventures along your way.

We’ll not be giving any spoilers here, but the story certainly is the highlight of the game for us and if you’re here for some narrative you shouldn’t be disappointed. In contrast, while the graphics are of course aiming for the simplistic cartoon style, we found they were possibly a little too simple, and could really have done with a few added textures and highlights.

Overall RiME is a fun little title for those who love to follow a story. The puzzles are suitable for most ages, meaning they might be a little easy for some, and we’d certainly have liked to see a little more variation in the puzzle mechanics as you progressed.

The Run Down

Graphics: 6/10:  It’s clear that the team at Tequila are moving towards that simpler style of graphics and while it does work in part we’d definitely have likes a little more texture in some areas, especially things like falling sand or rising clouds. The visials aren’t bad by a long way, but really not pushing the limits of anybody’s hardware

Story: 10/10: It’s a very slow burn in RiME and while it might take a while the story that you get out of the title is superb. If you’re focusing on the narrative, and just here for the story, it’s certainly one to take a closer look at

Sound: 8/10: There’s a decent soundtrack to RiME and it fits well with the action on screen. The shouting (and you’ll be doing a lot of that) can well get annoying at times as it can be very repetitive but that’s the only black mark against the audio

Replayability: 5/10: While there are items to go back and collect in different areas (while you can go back, at least) if you miss them on one level it’ll be a bit of a grind to go back and play the whole game just to get 100% completion.

Satisfaction: 7/10: Overall RiME is ok, but nothing really struck us and apart from the story nothing hooked us in. If the price had been a little lower this would of course have scored higher but all in all it feels a little anti-climactic

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