Parent’s Guide – Seasons After Fall

We’ve been lucky enough to have some time with Seasons After Fall recently, courtesy of the folks over at Swing Swing submarine and Focus Home Interactive. find out our thoughts on the pretty puzzle platformer just below

To start with, it’s clear from the outset that seasons is a beautiful title. If you’ve seen anything about it, that much is clear. We’ve been happy to discover though, that it’s also much more than just a pretty face.

Playing the part of a friendly little fox possessed by a spirit of the forest, your trip through this sylvanian adventure will cover time and seasons of all sorts. There’s no combat whatsoever within Seasons, but you’ll need to use a little brainpower, and the different climates of Spring, Summer, autumn, and winter, to get where you’re going.

With a soundtrack featuring a wonderfully talented string quartet, the forest and story is a pleasure to be a part of, though we’d certainly have liked to have seen a little more reason to pull you back to replay the different levels, especially after unlocking all of the seasons and the effects they can bring.

Different seasons will alter the landscape in different ways. While the bulk of the real background remains the same, water, flowers, mushrooms and trees will each be affected in different ways by the different seasons. Working with the climates in turn, you’ll need to work in different combinations to find your way through the later stages of the title and keep tranquility at the heart of the forest.

The Run Down

Graphics: 10/10: Undoubtedly one of the best looking games we’ve seen for some time here. Seasons After Fall is a definitive answer to the question “Can games be art?”

Story: 7/10:  There is a good narrative to Seasons, though this is centered mostly around the cut scenes with the bulk of the levels (as you’d expect from a platformer) just heading between them

Sound: 10/10: Ten out of ten is what you get when you put a wonderfully talented string quartet on your soundtrack. We could put Seasons on just to sit back and relax with a good book, and the music in the background

Replayability: 2/10: While we enjoyed the main story, we would certainly have liked to have seen more in the way of collectibles through your time in game, as there’s not much reason to go back through as it stands

Satisfaction: 8/10: Overall another budget title winner, and a worthy entry into our Family Heroes list. Seasons After Fall can be had for around £15 or $20 and really,
we think you’re getting more than enough for your money. A refreshing look at platformers and a masterpiece in terms of sound and vision

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