Unboxed – Linx Vision 8″ Xbox Tablet

It’s been a little while since release, but today we’re going back over our gaming parent lifesaver, the Linx 8″ Windows tablet, with Xbox controller attachment. You can find these retailing for around £100 and if you’re looking for Steam or Xbox gaming around the house, without counting on TV access, it might be right up your street.

The Linx tab is basically your standard 8″ windows tablet, but with the functionality of the Xbox Windows App in there, tied in with the controller dock, it can bring a whole new lease of life to those who love gaming, but can’t always get TV time.

As a parent, there’s a large amount of time I’m away from my TV. Being sat with a child on your chest in a dark room doesn’t really sound like the ideal way to pass your time, but add a little Steam or Xbox gaming, and most people will (almost) happily be “the one who gets up with the child”

With a clear display, and a very well build controller dock, the Linx Vision does seem like a winner, but it’s not without its faults. While we’ve not had any issues ourselves, if you don’t have good WiFi connections at home (or you have a particularly large house) latency may be an issue here. Because of this and the button layout we’ll cover in a moment, the tab isn’t well suited for fast action shooters, though slower or more simple titles are a winner.

While the sound quality is good, and the system can get up to a decent volume, for those wanting to keep a low profile may find you have to purchase new headphones. Our Turtlebeach XO One headset jack doesn’t quite fit through the hole provided in the controller dock, meaning we’ve had to switch to a pair of standard earbuds. It’s not the end of the world, but could have done with a little more thought.

Lastly the controller itself. While more of a niggle than anything, and certainly something you get used to, the control layout is slightly different from the Xbox controller we know and love. Directional buttons are now directly under the left thumbstick, and instead of being above and right, the ABXY buttons are directly below the right. While it’s not a huge issue the different layout can take a little getting used to, and for a while your thumbs might not be finding exactly what they are looking for.

With those niggles out of the way, the Linx Vision 8″ tab still gets looks to be on track for a decent overall score from the inhabitants of the PB offices.The build quality is excellent, and the whole structure, even when undocked from the tab, feels strong and indeed stable.

The tab itself comes with a Quad Core Intel Atom processor, 2gb of RAM, 32gb of storage (extendable) and a 1280 x 800 display. It has the speed to keep up with sreaming most games, depending on your homw network speed, and it is snappy enough to replace your other tablets in the house (unless you’re in love with the Apple or Android stores).

All in all a decent tab, and a great way to get gaming if you can’t quite get to your TV


The Run Down

Build Quality: 10/10:  There’s nothing shoddy about the construction here, either with the tab with it’s elegant simplicity, or with the controller dock which is well built, and solid in all areas. Well sprung buttons and a nice textured grip keep this in your hands, and while it’s easy to slide in, there’s no wiggle room between tab and dock, as it sits snug, safe and secure

Price: 9/10:  We picked up our Linx Vision setup for just under £100 (at the moment that’s around $125 or €120) in a sale from the usually slightly higher price. Even without the sale price, bearing in mind you’re getting not just the controller here but a sleek and nimble pocket pc, it’s not too tough on the wallet.

Satisfaction: 8/10:  All in all we’re very happy with the setup here, and even though there are little niggles such as the control layout, which can take some getting used to. As we’re often relegated to a toddler’s bedroom floor while we sit in silence to await the little snores (and how happy we are when they arrive) this has been a bit of a life saver really as now we can stream and keep our gaming sessions going, rather than simply sitting there wishing our aging limbs would stop aching.

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