Unboxed – Gioteck TX-Viper

Tactical? It's certainly Tactile!

A very quick look today at what is really an essential accessory in gaming these days, a charging cable. The TX-Viper from Gioteck retails at between £10-15 and if you already have rechargeable battery packs, this might be one to look at

Rechargeable batteries are really where it’s at, and instead of spending hundreds on regular batteries we’d always recommend you picking up some form of play and charge kit for any active console. The TX-Viper doesn’t come with a battery pack, but if you have one already, or are looking for a Micro USB charger, you won’t go wrong with this one.

With two metres total length, and a robust non tangle wire, it’s a decent performance for a good enough price. The Breakaway portion will be handy for those who’ve not yet learned how to avoid cables and any trips or pulls will mean the cable simply splits in two rather than pulling your console off its current perch.

The Run Down

Build Quality: 9/10: More than happy with the build quality here,
and it’s unlikely to let us down soon. The protected cable is reassuringly weighty and the connections are all built to last

Price: 9/10:  Only falling down as it would be nice to have a battery pack included but for what you get it’s certainly far from a bad price.

Satisfaction: 9/10: as far as Micro USBs go, the TX-Viper is a good option. we’d have liked a faster charge possibly, but overall a solid cable and won’t let you down any time soon. We’re not exactly sure how “tactical” it is, and they’ve certainly gone all out with the box art, but as value for money goes, it’s worth a closer inspection

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