Parents’ Guide – Star Wars Battlefront II

Today we’re taking a look inside one of the most controversial (if not THE most controversial) games of this generation. Courtesy of EA we’re taking a ride through the very pretty Star Wars Battlefront II.

In the days before release, really at the eleventh hour, there was some good news for Star Wars fans. EA were pulling Microtransactions, and Pay To Win, from their latest installment in the popular Battlefront series. The comments about reintroducing the purchases, along with the late timing has seen the title see a tidal wave of negative reviews from consumers, as well one of the largest refund drives we’ve ever seen. And it’s a real shame in all honesty because the game itself is actually pretty good.

With the graphics you’d expect from the Battlefield masters, a great score, a new campaign mode with a good story and great original protagonist, Battlefront II seemingly has everything going for it, and yet still gamers are putting off their purchase. To be honest, we can definitely understand why, and that’s what really makes this the hardest review we’ve probably done in our time behind the thumbsticks.

The game itself is solid. The campaign is good, and we’ve had a lot of fun with a mostly level playing field in all of the multiplayer game modes, but we can’t shake off the feeling of a great disturbance in the Force, as if millions of voices suddenly cried out in terror, and were suddenly silenced [sorry… too easy – Ed] that the Pay To Win microtransactions might make a return. While we’re in the dark about what content EA might put behind a paywall, the uncertainty is rather hurting the game, which is a shame because (again) we’re having a fair amount of fun with it.

With heroes from Rey to Darth Maul, teams from the Empire, to the rebellion, separatists and the clone army, there’s a lot of Star Wars packed in here for fans of the series, and the heroes (including Vader and the Emperor) are set at an in game cost which should be attainable for most players, while still giving them the “sense of accomplishment” which EA were looking for. Galactic Assault, Strike and blast give some good personal combat options, and the changes to Starfighter Assault make it both a little more complex, and much more fluid.

The Run Down

Graphics: 9/10: The visuals in battlefront are near perfect most of the time, but they can be let down here and there with small imperfections, and some odd bugs and glitches

Story: 8/10: A great story in the single player campaign and our only real complaint is that we’d have liked it to be longer. A great protagonist with Iden, and we’re looking forward to seeing more or her in the coming months

Sound: 10/10: The same as its predecessor, as a star wars game you’d really expect nothing less. Great sound effects and score, and an on point voice cast seal the deal

Replayability: 9/10: It doesn’t quite contain all the multiplayer modes of the original to score a full ten, but the added campaign and collectables complement the multiplayer modes we do have very nicely.

Satisfaction: 8/10: Overall satisfaction is a bit of an odd one for us today. The game itself is, at the moment, very solid. Few bugs, great visuals, a good story and a level playing field when it comes to multiplayer gaming. We might have rated this a little higher as well, however the uncertainty regarding microtransactions, and possibly the return of pay to win has left us a little jaded. Keep an eye out for announcements from EA, and judge for yourself in future, but for now it’s an absolute corker

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