Review – Battlestar Galactica: Deadlock

The game the fans have always needed. (So Say We All)

Battlestar Galactica is undoubtedly a much loved Sci-Fi franchise and fans of the noughties  reboot have been waiting for a game that delivers the ambience of the series. (We will quickly gloss over 2003’s Battlestar Galactica on the PS2 because it was garbage.) As a huge fan of the Edward James Olmos fronted series myself, I’ve needed a game to feed the need to get back into BSG. And oh my have the team at Slitherine given me what i wanted with Battlestar Galactica: Deadlock.

Graphically the game is simple yet solid. Deadlock relies on two main visuals. Your war room view of Colonial Space and the battlegrounds themselves. Everything is tidy and crisp. It won’t wow you with top end graphics or framerates, but it delivers the experience of ships (from hulking Battlestars, to wings of vipers) traversing the field of battle and engaging in small dog fights that will delight you throughout. I would have liked to have seen some cutscenes between the missions but had to rely on the voice acted prompts during battle.

Deadlock knows its audience, every time that you hear classic jargon and catchphrases from the series (‘new DRADIS contact’ still makes the hairs on my neck move) you feel your nostalgia levels shoot through the roof. The combat itself is tense and rewarding as both sides plan their turn at the same time (be that Player Vs AI Campaign or Player versus player options in the skirmish mode) and hit execute to watch it play out in real time. Planning your pincer movements and flak shields is an in depth and thoroughly entertaining process and the tactician in you will love building you fleet and preparing your armarda to strike.

The game’s narrative is set during the first Cylon war and revolves around humankind scrambling to build its fleet of jupiter class Battlestars and defend colonial space. You take on the role of the newly promoted Rear-Admiral Lucinda Cain and have to juggle building the fleet whilst reacting to the Toasters incursions into human space. The story would have benefited from some cutscenes and better voice acting but anyone familiar with the source material will easily keep up.

The Run Down

Graphics: 8/10: It’s not going to wow you with its graphics like some other space faring games. However, the art design of the ships, stations and planets will make fans of the franchise very happy indeed.

Story: 9/10: Set at the time of the first Cylon war. It tell s a tale not yet covered by the Movies and TV shows of the past and this will delight the BSG faithful.

Sound: 8/10: Once again the game appeals to its audience with effects and sound bites that take the imagination straight back to the 2004 reboot.

Replayability: 9/10: With the addition of a Skirmish mode to the campaign that Slitherine claim  can last from 20-40 hours depending on  your playstyle the game offers a whole lot of bang for its Starbuck (sorry, not sorry)

Satisfaction: 9/10: It goes without saying that this is a game for the fans. The uninitiated will enjoy the mechanics but the loyal BSG faithful will gobble this game up with relish. I’ve only played for about 7 hours but i know i’m going to be embroiled in this game for the weeks to come. So Say We All.





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