Sea of Thieves: Closed Beta Information

Sea of Thieves is one of the most exciting titles this year. A whole sea of beautiful islands, dazzling shorelines, and of course plenty of plunder awaits in what Rare Ltd. are calling a SWAG (Shared World Adventure Game). It’s a title best enjoyed with friends and you can find out a little further down below how you can get your hands on a Beta Code to bring your friends into the action with you Sorry folks, the codes have now been given to our lucky winners. We have two to give away, but first, a little more information on what you can expect from the Beta.

The Video With Cap’n Joe has been sent te’ the brig ferbeing too gashdarned handsome! He’ll be back with more news soon

Nobody ever says it quite like Joe, but if you don’t have time or the inclination to watch a video, what can you expect? The closed beta is the “logical Next Step” for the team at Rare, and the primary goal here will be testing services and capabilities at scale. the team are also looking at what they can show off to players (though I’m not sure they would be able to stop the hype train if they tried)

With Quests and Progression in the Beta, expect tasks to be centered around just one trading company, the Gold Hoarders. These are the folks sending you off with maps (or riddles!) to search for buried treasure on the picturesque islands of [We’re not quite sure but definitely NOT the Caribbean!]. While quests have been held back a little (by design) players may be exited to finally get some hands on time with the spyglass and the “Eye of Reach” sniper rifle, as well as other immersion and engagement building features which they’ll let us find more on as we dig in on Wednesday.

The most exciting thing for Rare we’re told, is seeing the adventures that YOU pirates have! With no NDA Beta participants will finally be able to take videos, screenshots, and of course stream their time on the waves, and if you haven’t seen the title yet you really have a lot to look forward to. For those who’ve been living under a rock (or in a bottle) the closed Beta starts at midday (in the UK) on Wednesday 24th, and finishes on the 29th. The sessions will support Play anywhere AND crossplay between Xbox and PC!

If you want to get your hands on a Beta code, just head over to This post over on Facebook and let us know what part of Sea of Thieves you’re most excited about. You can do the same on Twitter by tweeting @PixlBandits and the Hashtag #PixelPirates and we’ll be picking one winner from each forum (so feel free to enter twice!)

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