Gears 5 Early Access Compensation

After a slightly rough weekend for the folks over at the Coalition Studio, it seems like their latest proposals to compensate early access players might not be going down as well as they first thought

The above was tweeted out by the studio on Monday and has garnered a fair number of responses, but players seem to be baulking at the compensation. On the outside it doesn’t look that bad, with extra XP boosting and crafting materials to make life easier for folks, and 600 scrap is around enough to craft an epic level card. However a number of players have responded by saying that this is fairly worthless, as there’s not much which is worth crafting currently within the title.

With some players left completely unable to play, and of course more who were able to start multiplayer matches but were kicked before completion, players are calling for more compensation in terms of skins, Iron and other collectables. It’s not clear at this time whether the Coalition Stidio will hear or act on their calls, but we’ll keep you up to date here as soon as we hear more.

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