Parent’s Guide – Greedfall

Greedfall is a title I’ve been looking forward to for a little while, but after sinking in some serious time to the game, I’ve been a little disappointed with it overall. Find out why in the full video review just below, or keep reading for the extended review, courtesy of Spiders and Focus Home interactive

In Greedfall you play as the nobly named DeSardet, and there’s some nice character creation as well as progression in the title, as you begin with your starting class and chose from a well crafted progress path as you move up the levels, with different options available for you to mix and match. The ability to roam outside your “chosen” class is nice, and means that you won’t feel limited with your options, though it’s important to get a decent spread early on so that you are able to perform good lock picking and potion mixing to aid you along your travels.

The combat and movement in general within the title feels quite light, and a little too easy, which can be a drag as you will face a few fetch quests here and there early on which will see you traversing the same paths fairly frequently. Within the fight mechanics, there is a great touch with the pause feature, allowing you to select enemies and actions or shortcut actions, before continuing the fight after pausing mid flow. As well as this the Armor vs health mechanic has really impressed me, and it flows really well. Using your different weapons you’ll need to aim to knock off any armor enemies have, before switching to direct damage to take the opponent down.

Sadly though, overall the title has disappointed me. The open world isn’t really that open and instead of moving such as you can within the witcher, you’re limited to zones and a halfway house loading screen outside the cities or villages which start slowly populating the map. I was really hoping for a sense of a wider world, but here I do feel limited, and using the map to point and click at areas you want to travel to just doesn’t tick many boxes for me

Greedfall is rated by PEGI at 18 plus and by the ESRB at a mature 17+. There is blood and of course an awful lot of combat within the title with gunplay and swordplay as well as magic. I’d certainly think twice about letting my own little ones have a crack, verging on a straight no, but you may want to take a further look at things. With that stacked up, on to the run down

The Run Down

Visuals – Poor: The cut scenes are fairly nice in Greedfall, but close up characters and creatures look quite shoddy, and while city surroundings look great, outside that environment which might look good from distance, needs some huge steps to bring it up to date. While you may know visuals aren’t everything to me, here I have found them distracting enough to break immersion

Audio – Fair: This would have been rated higher, as the voice acting is great and environmental effects and music I have found to be wonderful, however some speech can get very very repetitive and become quite irritating

Narrative – Good: I’ve really enjoyed the story behind Greedfall, and the possibility for changing your path through the title is absolutely great. As well as this, the character creation and level up system gives great options in order to make the character, and the story, absolutely your own.

Replay – Lacking. This would have worked wonderfully with multiplayer build in, and including friends in your party would have been a great step. With the length of the title overall, while there are bits of story etc. to collect along your travels, and with the overall satisfaction, it’s not one which is pulling me back in

With all that slammed together, the overall Pixel Bandits verdict for Greedfall is Approach With Caution. Certainly worth picking up on sale, but I’ve felt really disappointed by the lack of free roaming within the title, and especially the visuals. There are great elements to it such as the armor and health system which really shine through, but with very poor visuals, very light feeling combat and movement, and an overall sense of Witcher Lite, it’s not one which I’ve loved.

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