Unboxed – Sea of Thieves RPG

Thanks to the kind folks at Mongoose Publishing, this week I have been lucky enough to recieve an advanced copy of their boxed Sea of Thieves RPG. I’ll cover the contents in the more detailed write up below, or you can watch it now in the full Unboxing video just here

If you’re a Sea of Theives fan who is also partial to a good old pen and paper RPG, it’s likely that this one has already crossed your radar. A well blended mix of lore and well known characters and places from the Rare Ltd. title has transitioned well into the RPG, which I’ve been able to look over in PDF form for some months.

Of course, while a PDF is all well and good, I was really excited to get my hands on the box for a few reasons. Notably of course becuase it’s always nice to have a physical book in your hands, but also because of the bits and pieces you get in the box along with the three lore books.

All in all in the Sea of Thieves RPG boxed set, you’ll get your hands on;

  • The Book Of Lore
  • The Book Of Pirates
  • The Book of Voyages
  • 18 6 sided Avast! “Legendary” Dice (not strictly “needed” but very welcome)
  • Map of the Known World
  • Supply Tokens
  • Weapon & Quest Cards
  • Personality Cards
  • Lord Guardian Sails (for pre-orders and possibly general release)

I’ll give a little detail on each aspect here, as well as some pictures to go along with it to give a slightly closer look that you might get within the Unboxing video above. Don’t worry, you’ll not find any spoilers here, with the exception of getting a view of the Lord Guardian Sails.

The Three Books of The Sea

The Books.

The books themselves are wonderfully presented and containing some great artwork inspired by (and often taken from) the video game. Some will be instantly recognizable from those who’ve been keeping up with the title since alpha, and all lovingly printed. It would have been great to get some embossing on teh covers, but while that’s sadly not to be, the art style is instantly recognizable, and printed in high quality.

The Book Of Pirates

This book should be your first call reall as both player and GM. This 88 pace book takes you by the hook and leads you into the RPG, explaining the pen and paper genre to total newcomers as well as explaining the differences between Rare’s beautifully rendered video game and what you get here (notably with less focus on PvP!)

The Book of Pirates walks you though preparation for your first adventure, as well as giving hints and tips for both players and GMs. It’ll explain the basics of the title (including how to drink grog and how drunk you get) and cover the rules as you play through the introductory voyage Dead Man’s Debt. It’ll also give you the stats for some friendly faces such as Tracy the Barkeep, Duke, Humphrey the Hoarder and more you’ll have heard of as well as basic enemies needed for the first storyline.

For tabletop RPG veterans, you may be wondering where character creation is, and the good news is that in this RPG it’s pretty simple. You decide who you are, and grab two Legendary Die to start your character. Much like the video game, you’ll not progress by picking up better weapons or armour, but instead by gaining more Legendary Dice, of course giving more chance of victories.

The Book of Voyages

This book, largest of the three at 144 pages, is a GM’s guide through the four pre set voyages within the RPG. If you’re not keen on making your own stories, or just fancy a break from it for a while, there are four voyages in this book which carry on from the introductory Dead Man’s Debt. These are a great boost for those new to Roleplay, and handy for those who’ve been stuck in pen and paper land for decades (guilty!) and will also give a few stats for characters which you can of course use within your own voyages as well.

The Book of Lore

Slightly thinner at 55 pages, this tome as you may well expect gives you the lore of the seas, including not only the stories behind certain elements of the Sea of Thieves, but also what we’ll call the SoT Beastiary, containing the stats on a few creatures and foes who you’ll find out there. It also contains tips on campaign creation, as well as including a random generator to help you create your own robust and enjoyable voyages.

This one is going to be a go to guide for GMs, as you’ll need to scan through here to pupulate the islands and seas around your quests. Want to find out what weaknesses a snake has? HA! The joke’s on you, snakes have no weaknesses, and the little bitey buggers can do you some damage if you’re not careful!

The set comes with 18 Legendary Dice

Legendary Dice

In truth you can get away without having the Legendary Dice, meaning that even if you just go for the PDF copy of the RPG you can roll with it (HA!) and carry on an adventure. The LEgendary Dice however are again, well presented and have a satisfying weight to them. Maybe even perfect for a simplistic game of pirate dice?

If you don’t grab the box though, don’t panic. You can use any regular D6 (dice with 6 faces) which you can pilfer from pretty much any “mainstream” dice board game. It’s not like anybody has a monopoly on dice (I am on a roll!)

Map of the Known World

I am not joking, this thing is absolutely huge. You can see on the unboxing video above just how big it is, and it really does contain the known world. I would say that it’s worth picking up the box set RPG just for this if you’re a fan of the game, though mine will more than likely end up in a frame rather than being opened up and scribbled on

The map is expansive, and will take up a lot of room if you let it

Tokens and Cards

In order to keep track of the booty, weapons, ammo and other supplies you have on your person and your ship, you’ll be gifted by the GM (when appropriate) with these tokens and cards when finding items around the world. Again the print quality is great, and the art style instantly recognizable for fans of the game.

You’ll also get personality cards as a part of your very basic character creation. These can be useful when needing a save from a particularly bad dice roll. These are based on how your character acts when in company or alone, and can be flipped from one to the other dependng on what kind of situation you are currently in.

Lord Guardian Sails

I do know that the sails were a pre-order bonus, although of course I didn’t pre-order the title myself. I did get a code for the sails within the box, and they really do look great. I wouldn’t be surprised if they were included in avery box sent out, but if you’ve pre-ordered you’ll definitely be picking them up

Based on a character within the RPG (spoilers, sweetie) the Lord Guardian Sails are a beautiful crimson with wee beastie skull in gold, and are working in game as of now. It’s a really nice cosmetic which (at the moment) is not available in any other way, though obviously I can’t guarantee it won’t be in future.

The box is wonderfully embossed, and the bookish art styling will look great pretty much any place you put it. I feel it’s really meant for a dustry shelf on some creaking galleon at full mast to the forst of the damned but if you’re shoving it under your sofa it’ll probably fit well there too.

Lord Guardian sails in game on the Sea of Thieves
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