Fleet Carriers Upkeep Sees Up To 90% Reduction

Frontier have released the upcoming changes in the fleet Carrier Beta, after substantial player feedback. These include vastly reduced upkeep costs of up to 90% as well as a number of other alterations.

Changes will land this week, and of course players should also keep providing feedback to Frontier during Beta 1 and the upcoming Beta 2


The first change listed by Frontier is that upkeep cost for all additional services will be reduced by 80-90%. In addition to this, core running costs will look to be reduced by 50%. This is an absolutely massive reduction in upkeep which previously started at 10 million credits per week. With this percentage of reduction, rather than this number as the minimum upkeep cost, players can instead look to a weekly charge of only a couple of million credits as a starting point. Frontier estimate a drop of roughly 85% in overall running costs, something which I think makes them vastly affordable.


I line with the upkeep costs, the threshold for being issued with a final warning for carrier debt has also jumped. Previously 4 weeks a carrier can now run in debt for up to 10 weeks without paying any upkeep costs. With the minimised upkeep costs in themselves an advantage, this should make it a lot easier for players to keep their carriers afloat.


A bone of contention with the community during the initial beta was the hour long preparation time for Carriers. This has now also been reduced and players will instead face a 15 minute preparation time before jumps, followed by just a 5 minute cooldown after reaching the destination.

Future changes

Frontier have listened to further requests, and have another two changes which will come in the second beta in a few weeks. These aren’t being implemented immediately like the above, but will be available for console and PC beta in the near future.

Universal Cartographics

A much requested feature out in the black, Frontier are adding universal Cartographics as an optional service. Similar to bounty vouchers, exploration sales will see a 25% cut in value when sold at the carrier. This 25% cut will be split between the carrier bank, and the service itself.


One major complaint during the initial Beta was that the tritium fuel source did not provide enough bang for its buck. Having to refuel constantly would have made long range jumps a rather tedious and work heavy affair.

As a measure, Frontier are making tritium 2 times more effective when used as a fuel source.

The future

The next beta will take place in May and will be available for PC as well as for consoles. It’s great to see the changes Frontier have and are making, proving once again that community feedback is respected.

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