Review – Construction Simulator 3

Build, Build, Build!

Thanks to the folks at Weltenbauer and Astragon entertainment I’ve recently been spending some time with the second job which is Construction Simulator 3 Console Edition. Playing on Xbox One, I’ve found it to be a pelasant title overall, even with lacking visuals. Find the full video review here and as ever read on for the full extended review.

In a fair sized German town, your second life within Construction Simulator 3 sees you taking over a failing construction company. With a selection of compactors, earthmovers, diggers, carriers and more, you’re tasked with simply growing the company. Firstly taking on small jobs, but soon moving to larger contracts for businesses and the city as your construction empire. Vehicles have rental or purchase options, to ensure that you are always able to pick up new jobs, even when you may not have the resources currently to mcomplete the tasks you need to.

Construction Simulator 3 will be very familiar to those who’ve playes Bus Simulator or Farming Simulator. It includes the same procedural, task based gameplay which feels a lot like a second job. While the rest of the world has been addicted to Animal Crossing, I’ve been getting my second life kicks over here, clearing trees, building roofs and decking, and diging up new fish ponds

Parent’s Eye View

As you probably would have guessed, Construction Simulator 3 is rated by PEGI at 3, and by the ESRB as E for Everybody. There’s really not a great deal in the title which should be worrying for parents. There’s no violence, language, online play, or much in the way of the standard PEGI warnings. In fact, in terms of discrimination, it’s great to see a good selection to choose from as a starting character.

With everything in mind, this is one which I’ll say is essentially a family friendly bit of fun. However it’s worth mentioning that the control system may frustrate younger members of the family, as it can be a ltitle hard to get to grips with

The Run Down

Visuals – Lacking: Visuals within Construction Simulator 3 Console Edition are falling a little behind what we’re used to on the cutting edge of the generation. Much similar to Bus Simulator, there are visual glitches and bits which are noticeable. I’m happy to say though, that they don’t really hit hard on gameplay, and while they are present, haven’t detracted too much from the title.

Audio – Fair: The sound effects and music within the title are pretty solid, but not what I would call outstanding. Some good and changing effects for the different vehicles compliment things. While I would have liked to have seen some voice acting within the story segments, again the lack of it doesn’t detract too much from the gameplay

Narrative – Fair: There is a ltitle narrative which I would say is fair for this style of title. It’s nothing which will set the earth on fire, however a decent growth project, with humour sprinkled throughout, has had me giggling as I’ve moved along

Replay – Good: There’s no multiplayer within the title, whcih would have been great to see, but this hasn’t stopped me from being drawn back into the title fairly readily. There’s something very satisfying about the task based nature of the work involved, providing simple procedures with attainable goals.

Overall the Pixel Bandits Hard Hat level is Above Average. The visuals do let the title down, but overall I’ve had some good fun with Construction Simulator 3. Plodding along has much the same feel as other sim titles, so folks who are fans of the genre will really know what they are getting their hands on. There’s a great selection of different vehicles, as well as small jobs and larger contracts. Moving your way up from personal projects to business and city work it’s a very low price for those who are looking for a title of this style.

It’s definitely one to steer clear of if you are looking for fast pace and visual polish. If on the other hand you’re not put off too much by lackign graphics, and are looking for a sim title which can let you get your hands on licensed construction kit, this is the one for you.

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