The latest Journey to the Savage Planet Expansion is Hot Garbage

Quite literally!

505 Games and Typhoon Studios are expanding the comedic sci-fi exploration title Journey to the Savage Planet. The new expansion is launching on April 15th and is quite literally Hot Garbage

The ironically titled Hot Garbage expansion will release at around £7.99 for the title, which just recently headed into Microsoft’s Game Pass service. While not given a date just at the moment, we are promised that the PS4 version will release soon ™

Those who pick up hot Garbage will be tasked with investigating reports of pollutant spikes at a new interstellar resort, based on the new planet DL-C1. Exploring your way through alien goo, and using a Kindred Scanner to report activities, players will unlock new upgrades to gear, and abilities including lead boots (for adventuring underwater), a new suit with toxic protection, and an unlimited stamina ability for endless sprinting and the power of flight(ish).

As it doubles down on sarcastic robot intelligence, the new weird and wonderful world bringe new flora and fauna, new bots, and a selection of new commercials for the galaxy’s hottest products and services

If you missed Journey to the Savage Planet, take a look at the cooky world in the launch trailer from a littler earlier in the year, just here

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