XCOM Returns With Chimera Squad – April 24th

Exciting news for tbs fans

In a press release issued by 2K today, it’s been confirmed that XCOM will return, and in the very near future. XCOM: Chimera Squad launches on April 24th 2020, with a special limited price of just £8.49 ($9.99). The title promises new story in a standalone entry which 2K themselves describe as “neither a sequel nor expansion”.

Set five years after XCOM 2, Chimera Squad sees humans, aliens and hybrids all working as one. This beautiful era of co-existence and harmony is represented by City 31, essentially the Milton Keynes of the new cooperative era.

Sadly (who would have guessed!) this post-invasion happiness is opposed by shadowy groups, who’s aims threaten to break apart what is still a delicate alliance.

This is where we step in, with titular heroes Chimera Squad. This elite force represents the greatest of humanity and alien kind, as well as everything in between. Working together this unit looks to put to rest the mysterious factions, threatening to bring chaos to this once peaceful city.

New Gameplay

Fans of the series will know the basics for XCOM, but as well as the strategic turn based tactical action we love, Chimera Squad also brings a lot of new elements to the franchise. Among other elements this new gameplay includes;

New Dynamic Turn Based Strategy – Rather than having your whole team working one after the other, Chimera Squad uses an RPG like “initiative” style system. Your agents and enemies are entered into an alternating turn order, requiring strategic planning and forethought to ensure their safe return.

Unique Alien and Human Agents – With set characters, players work with 11 squad members. Each of these individuals has their own distinct personality as well as tactical abilities

Complimentary Classes – Rather than simply dictating individual abilities, classes now work to compliment each other, allowing for devastating combinations (IF you have the right team together).

Breach Mode – This brings a new combat phase to the game, allowing the players to dictate entry points for their squad, and coordinate a battle plan using Breach Mode specific skills

From April 24th Chimera Squad will be available on Steam at the introductory low price. It will return to the RRP (Still only £16.99 / $19.99) on May 1st


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