Juliana’s Heart Releases for Sea of Thieves

Real World DLC Content

The folks over at Mongoose Publishing have today released some real world DLC, for their tabletop Sea of Thieves adventure. Juliana’s Heart is available now, you can find it just over here.

If you haven’t fallen head over heels in love with the Sea of Thieves RPG as yet, where have you been? This tabletop title blew into our lives last year, and you can check out the full unboxing just here.

A New Adventure

Juliana’s Heart joins the real world DLC release Hunting The White Lady which released back in January. Focused on an Arena based story, this release follows Sea Dog vice-leader Amaranta.

Besotted with Lady Juliana (a lady both beautiful and politically well-connected), Amaranta is hiring a player crew to train Juliana. All this with the aim of winning an Arena battle, and cementing their love.

If you have a copy of the Sea of Thieves RPG already, the new voyage includes updates for you. These come in the form of new rules for fighting Arena battles, dealing with modular damage on your ship, and coping with vicious waves.

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Don’t let the sun set on your love, help Amaranta and Juliana keep their burning flame alive.
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