Review – Munch’s Oddysee Remastered

Thanks to the good old inhabitants of the world we know as Odd, I’ve recently been spending some time with the Nintendo Switch remaster of Munch’s Oddysee. This portable remake of the classic released this week, but I’ve managed to spend a fair bit of time with the title. Overall, I’m rating this one as Approach With Caution, but you can read on to find out exactly why in the blurb below.

The Basics

It’s been a little while since the original Munch released back on the xbox around 19 years ago. The Oddworld Inhabitants have since released Stranger’s Wrath in 2010, and have already remastered Munch once for PS3 back in 2013. We see him return once again this year, on the mobile switch platform. For those who’ve not already enjoyed this one previously, Munch’s Oddysee revolves around the adventures of both Abe and Munch. Working together and apart, you’ll work to rescue the mudakon race, as well as bring Munch’s species back from the brink of extinction.

With Abe’s journey a little old now, the choice to catch up with the universe’s story is a great touch

Much like the original, it moved from the 2D Abe adventures into a 3D world. You’ll run around this world, collecting Mudakons, chanting, zapping, and slapping your way through the evil Glukkons and their hench… uh… things.

Overall, while I’ve had fun with Abe and Munch, it’s a title which is a clear remaster rather than a remake. With some awkward controls, and the overt landscaping of 2000s 3D gaming it’s one which feels old, while not too nostalgic. Unlike the remastered 2D New n’ Tasty Abe adventure released a few years ago, the 3D style really doesn’t do Munch any favours here in 2020.

Parent’s Eye View

Munch’s Oddysee for Nintendo Switch is rated by PEGI at 12 and above, and by the ESRB as T for Teen. The title contains some crude humour, as well as the slapstick violence you expect from the folks of Oddworld. The violence in the title, combined with the crude humour means that it’s one I’m on the fence about. With the fairly lightweight violent elements, mixed with awkward controls it may well be one which waits until the Micro-Bandits are a little older.

I’d call much a cute little guy, but… well. He’s not

The Run Down

Visuals – Lacking: While not strictly awful, I feel a lot more polish could have been put into the visuals here. The main problem for me is simply the fact that the 3D modelling seems to have held over from 2001. While the resolution has been boosted considerably, the shapes provided by antique terrain technology is a little too evident.

Audio – Lacking: The gamespeak system was a shining beacon of technological intrigue back in the late 90s. Sadly with the simplified version in much, voices while well executed can become repetitive. More in terms of musical soundtrack would have been preferred as well, in order to complement the general gameplay.

Narrative – Great: Everything you’d expect from Oddworld, the narrative within Munch’s Oddysee is absolutely grand. I especially like the catch up features for those who’ve not played through or cannot remember Abe’s Oddysee and Exodus. If you’re coming just for the story, this one’s a strong showing.

Replay – Fair: With different endings available, Munch’s oddysee does have some playthrough value after you complete it the first time. While not shining out it’s what you’d expect from this type of title.

Overall the Pixel Bandits Rupture level for Munch’s Oddysee on Nintendo Switch is Approach with caution. Looking back with my nostalgia glasses firmly in place, I was really looking forward to a remastered version of this early 2000s platformer. In the end, it’s been a bit of a slog (or a Slig! HA!), and in honesty it’s one where if you squint a little, you could mistake it for the original release. It’s one which retro collectors should grab for the sake of the mobile play, but for those without a heavy dose of nostalgia, maybe one to wait for a sale on.

While resolution has been buffed, the 3D modelling is very dated
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