Jurassic World Evolution: Achievement Guide

Some more unlock information for you serious score hunters. This list will show you how to 100% the games achievements, and can be used in tandem with our Unlock List if you need some pointers on researching upgrades, buildings, and dinosaurs. The Rarity and score here are given on the Xbox platform, but should be considered similar in stature over on Playstation where available.

How did you do this?Achieve a 5 star rating on every island70 (Rare)
I read your bookUnlock all InGen database entries70 (Rare)
The Next StepComplete all Dr Wu missions70 (Rare)
Jurassic Measures5 Star on Jurassic difficulty Challenge Mode50 (Rare)
Fast for a biped?5 Star on Hard or higher Challenge mode (Under 4 hours)40 (Rare)
Using sophisticated techniquesComplete all Science Missions35 (Rare)
You got them eating out of your palmComplete all Security Missions35 (Rare)
An aim not devoid of MeritComplete all Entertainment Missions35 (Rare)
Creation is an act of sheer willRelease at least one of every dinosaur35 (Rare)
Ratings MasterHouse a cinosaur with a rating of 5,000 or higher35 (Rare)
Who's HungryPhotograph a carnivore attacking a visitor25 (Rare)
I hate being right all the timePhotograph a Herbivore attacking visitors25 (Rare)
Clocked at 32 mph5 Star on Medium or higher Challenge mode (under 3 hours)25 (Rare)
You'll never look at birds the same way!Complete Challenge Mode on Pena with only carnivores (medium or above)25 (Rare)
Thank god for Site BUnlock Isla Sorna25
Shooooot heeer!Tranquilise a dinosaur from a distance of at least 125m25
I don't understand this Luddite attitudeReach max Science reputation on any island25
Mommy's very angryRelease a modified dinosaur with 150+ Attack25
Instinct that we can programReach max Security reputation on any island25
Bigger. Louder. More TeethReach max Entertainment reputation on any island25
Now you're John Hammondhouse 50+ dinosaurs on a single island20 (Rare)
This is very dangerous territoryPhotograph a Spinosaurus & T-Rex fight20 (Rare)
Learning where she fits in the food chainPhotograph an Indominus & T-Rex fight20 (Rare)
A kind of biological preserveTake a photo worth over $100,00020 (Rare)
Look how it eatsPhotograph a T-Rex hunting a Gallimimus20 (Rare)
Smarter than PrimatesPhotograph Velociraptors socialising20 (Rare)
Where's the goat?Photograph a T-Rex eating a goat20 (Rare)
Shoot her…?Subdue Dr Wu's rampaging Spinoraptor20 (Rare)
We're just used to being the catCreate a modified dinosaur which is impossible to keep calm20 (Rare)
Ic can camouflage!Release an Indominus Rex with Adaptive Camouflage20 (Rare)
On this island there's no such thing as safeUnlock Isla Pena20
I thought you failed your driver's testManually drive 25km as a Ranger20
Wounding ToothPhotograph a Troodon poisoning a victim15 (Rare)
Is this even possible?Release a Stegosaurus15
Super-PredatorRelease a Spinosaurus15
That's no dinosaurRelease an Indominus Rex15
VeggiesaurusRelease a Brachiosaurus15
Flocking this wayRelease a Gallimimus15
Follow the screamsRelease a T-Rex15
Hold on to your butts!5 Seconds of air time within 20 second window as a Ranger15
Spared no expenseUnlock Isla nublar15
Whatever you study, you also changeTake a photo worth over $30,00015
Must go fasterDrive at top speed for over 5 seconds15
A beautiful, but deadly additionRelease a Dilophosaurus15
Going to make a fortune with this placeUnlock Isla Tacano15
Clever GirlRelease a Velociraptor15
Accept you are never actually in controlPowerslide as a Ranger for 3 seconds within a 5 secondwindow15
Fill in the holes and complete the codeComplete a Genome to 100%15
Nobody move a muscleManually tranquilise a running dinosaur15
Get a clear shotPerform a headshot with the ACU team15
My favourite when I was a kidRelease a Triceratops15
War is a part of natureManually tranquilise a fighting dinosaur15
The essence of chaos5 Star on any challenge mode10 (Rare)
Nothing in Jurassic World is naturalRelease a genetically modified Dinosaur10
Not alone on this islandUnlock Isla Muerta10
TenaciousManually medicate a dinosaur as a Ranger5
I think we're back in businessManually repair a building as a Ranger5
Shoot Her!Manually tranquilise a dinosaur5
You think that kind of automation is easy?Upgrade a building5
It's all about control with youGive a task to the ACU or Ranger team5
You're the top mindsResearch an item5
Life finds a wayRelease any dinosaur5
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