Jurassic World Evolution: Unlock Guide

After spending considerable time hooked on Jurassic World Evolution, we thought it was high time a guide was pulled together to help you fine park managers see at a glance what you need to be working on to get the dinosaurs, buildings, upgrades and customization you’re looking for. It’s important to note of course that there is constant (and unstoppable!) work still going with the title, and so while things are certainly correct at the time of release, they might change in the future.

If you do see anything which has changed, please let us know and if we’re not already working on it, we’ll get things updated as soon as possible. It’s also important to note that the percentages given here are a rough eyeball guess, and may not be 100% accurate but should get you to the right ballpark.

This list is not 100% complete, but again we’ll be adding new dinos, upgrades, buildings and customization as they land in game, as soon as we can get our grubby little claws on them

Claire’s Sanctuary DLC

We’ve added the details for some oft he Claire’s Sanctuary DLC in the appropriate locations here. A couple of important things to note. Firstly, items within the DLC will only be available for your other parks after completing all 7 story missions, and secondly, you will still have to research these when you go back to old parks. ALL Paleobotany research (including Greenhouse building and upgrades) requires 3 x Research Center


The Dinos themselves are the true stars of Jurassic World Evolution, and the animation and sound design teams truly deserve to be still patting themselves on the back even all this time after launch. From the various dig sites around the world, you’ll be looking to pull together the cream of the crop (plus the Sruths!) for your guest’s Jurassic adventure. There are a lot available from the start of the game, but here’s how to unlock the rest

DinosaurCondition ACondition BCondition C
Allosaurus5 x Research CenterSorna Science Rep 80%
Ankylodocus3 x Research CentersTacano Research Facility Mission 1Ankylosaurus + Diplodocus Genome 100%
ArchaeornithomimusTacano Security Rep 70%
Baryonyx2 x Research CentersMuerta Security Rep 70%
Carcharadontosaurus4 x Research CentersPena Science Rep 10%
Carnotaurus4 x Research CentersPena Science Rep 70%
CrichtonsaurusMatanceros Science Rep 60%
DracorexIsla Matanceros Entertainment Mission
Dreadnoughtus3 x Research CentersTacano Science Rep 10%
Gallimimus2 x Expedition Centers
GiganotosaurusIsla Pena Security Mission
Iguanadon2 x Research CentersMuerta Science Rep 10%
Indominus Rex4 x Research CentersT-Rex + Raptor Genome 100%
Indoraptor5 x Research CenterSorna Security Rep 90%Indominus rex + Raptor Genome 100%
KentrosaurusIsla Pena Entertainment Mission
MajungasaurusRep 40%40% rep
MamenchisaurusIsla Sorna Science Mission
MetricanthosaurusIsla Tacano Security Mission
NodosaurusIsla Tacano Science Mission
OlototitanMuerta East Science Mission
Sinoceratops1 x Research CenterMatanceros Entertainment Rep 70%
Spinoraptor5 x Research CenterTacano Research Facility Mission 3Spinosaurus + Raptor Genome 100%
Stegoceratops5 x Research CenterTacano Research Facility Mission 2Stegosaurus + triceratops Genome 100%
Stygimoloch3 x Research CentersTacano Entertainment Rep 60%
StyracosaurusMuerta Entertainment Rep 50%
SuchomimusPena Security Rep 80%
TroodonMuerta East Security Mission
Euoplocephalus2 x Research CenterComplete Claire's SanctuaryIsla Muerta Science Rep 55%
Albertosaurus4 x Research CenterComplete Claire's SanctuaryIsla Pena Entertainment Rep 40%
Ouranosaurus3 x Research CenterComplete Claire's SanctuaryIsla Sorna Entertainment Rep 95%


Your buildings will help in a few ways, with some providing better power or giving a bonus to your income, but mostly here you’ll be looking at guest satisfaction. Again you’ll have a few buildings available from the start of the game (otherwise you’d be pretty stuffed!) but to improve your guest’s access to food, drink, and cans of totally unsuspicious shaving foam, you can check out our short list here to find out how to unlock these shops, and help your customers give you more money

Clothes Shop1 x Research Center
RestaurantMatanceros Entertainment Rep 30%
Toy ShopMuerta Entertainment Rep 20%
ArcadeTacano Entertainment Rep 30%
Bowling Alley3 x Research Centers
BarPena Entertainment Rep 20%
Fossil ZoneSorna Entertainment Rep 10%
Storm Defence StationIsla Matanceros Security Mission
Monorail2 x Research Centers
Science CenterMatanceros Science Rep 50%
Innovation CenterMatanceros Entertainment Rep 50%
Security CenterMatanceros Security Rep 50%
Large SubstationTacano Science Rep 20%
Medium Power PlantMuerta security Rep 50%
Large Power PlantPena Security Rep 60%
Jurassic Tour4 x Research Centers (+DLC)
Jurassic Tour (Drive)5 x Research Centers (+ 5* DLC)


A vital part for any wilflife park, the enclosures not only keep your bigger dinos secure, but improve visibility and feeding too. Whether you’re looking for improved fencing, more efficient feeder replenishment, or you just want to give your guests a better view of the main attractions, you’ll find some options here.

Standard Heavy Steel2 x Research Centers
Standard Concrete4 x Research Centers
Elec. Light Steel1 x Research Center
Elec. Heavy SteelIsla Muerta Security Mission
Elec. ConcretePena Security Rep 50%
Viewing Platform2 x Research Centers
GyrosphereIsla Tacano Entertainment Mission
Manual gyrosphereIsla Sorna 3 Star Rating
high Capacity Ground feed5 x Research Center
high Capacity Tall Feed5 x Research Center
High Capacity Meet Feed5 x Research Center

Building Upgrades

If you build it, they will come! If you upgrade it, they’ll run over burning coals and broken glass to give you their money… which to be honest is probably good considering the history of these parks. With more dig teams, faster  and cheaper fossil extraction, and improvements to most facilities you’ll find efficiency is the name of the game here. These upgrades will help you keep costs down, and productivity high

Dig Team BravoIsla Muerta 5 Star
Dig Team Charlie3 x Research Centers
Expedition dig SpeedMuerta Security Rep 20%
Expedition dig YieldMuerta Science Rep 45%
Fossil Center Ext. SpeedMatanceros Science Rep 20%
Fossil Center Inventory1 x Research Center
Research SpeedMuerta Entertainment Rep 40%
Research costTacano Entertianment Rep 20%
Research Team BravoIsla Muerta Science Mission
Research Team Charlie3 x Research Centers

Medical Treatment

As well as keeping them locked up, you’ll have to keep your charges healthy! It’s not always as easy as food, water, and room to roam. Whether it’s a nasty case of Bracken Poisoning, E. Coli,  or Tuberculosis, your dinos should never be allowed to suffer, and keeping your Ranger Teams’ stock ready and waiting to go is the only way to be safe. Make sure you research these as soon as they are available, so you don’t face the issue of having a sick dino with no cure!

Cure ForCondition A
Hookworm Parasite1 x Research Center
Campylobacter2 x Research Centers
Bracken Poisning2 x Research Centers
Cryptosporidium2 x Research Centers
Avian Influenza3 x Research Centers
E. Coli3 x Research Centers
Mycotoxins3 x Research Centers
Ammonia Poinsoning4 x Research Centers
Avian Pox4 x Research Centers
Rabies4 x Research Centers
Ticks4 x Research Centers
Algae Poisoning5 x Research Center
Tapeworm5 x Research Center
Tuberculosis5 x Research Center
Salmonella5 x Research Center
Foot and MouthTacano research Facility Mission 1


And if you want to pretty them up (or for some reason want to make the most violent one disappear!) then look no further than the cosmetic genetic alterations. If you want to shake things up a little and give your dinos a red carpet treatment, this is the place to look. Best advice though, don’t substitute any of that sex changing frog DNA… PROVEN bad idea!

cosmeticCondition A
Alpine cosmetic1 x Research Center
Coastal CosmeticIsla Tacano 5 Star
Indominus Rex CamoflageTacano research Facility Mission 3
Jungle CosmeticIsla sorna 5 Star
Rainforest CosmeticSorna Entertainment Rep 70%
Savannah CosmeticMatanceros Entertainment Rep 20%
Steppe CosmeticIsla Muerta Entertainment Mission
Tundra CosmeticIsla Pena Science Mission
Vivid CosmeticIsla Sorna Entertainment Mission
Wetland CosmeticPena Entertainment Rep 50%
Woodland CosmeticIsla Pena 5 star
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