Extended Review: Stranded Deep

April 29, 2020

Thanks to the folks at Beam Team Games and Fun Labs, I’ve been checking out the newly released console edition of Stranded Deep on Xbox One. This survival game will be familiar in different areas

Extended Review: MotoGP 20

April 23, 2020

Thanks to the folks at Milestone I’ve recently been spending some time on track with MotoGP 20. I’ve been lucky to grab this on both Xbox One and Switch, and have been pleasantly surprised on

Are Gamers the Biggest Problem in Gaming?

April 21, 2020

I’ve been a lover of gaming for around three decades now. Starting off on the Amstrad CPC 464, up through Master System, Game Gear and onward into a bright digital future. Over the years, it’s

Cost Effective Games to Wait Out An Apocalypse

April 18, 2020

At the moment, it seems like almost every country is suffering badly from restrictions on travel and work. It’s likely that you’re caught in the trap of needing new entertainment, while also having to keep

Elite Dangerous – Beginners’ Guide

April 16, 2020

You may well know that I have a huge amount of love for Elite Dangerous. As an ambassador for Elite with nearly 3,000 hours in the chair, I’ve had beautiful experiences in-game and IRL. One

Fleet Carriers Upkeep Sees Up To 90% Reduction

April 15, 2020

Frontier have released the upcoming changes in the fleet Carrier Beta, after substantial player feedback. These include vastly reduced upkeep costs of up to 90% as well as a number of other alterations. Changes will

XCOM Returns With Chimera Squad – April 24th

April 14, 2020

In a press release issued by 2K today, it’s been confirmed that XCOM will return, and in the very near future. XCOM: Chimera Squad launches on April 24th 2020, with a special limited price of

Audiobooks to Play as Gaming Background

April 13, 2020

As a gamer I am a big lover of stories. Sadly with reviews, a full time job plus two (nearly three) children and a lot of things on the go, I found that I had

Gatekeeping: Gaming’s Ugly Not-So-Secret

April 12, 2020

I’m a big fan of a challenge. But not only is everybody challenged at different levels, some people just don’t want a challenge at all, and that’s ok It’s been great to see gaming grow

Elite Dangerous to bring CQC queue in game

April 9, 2020

The latest beta for Frontier’s Elite Dangerous released just a few short days ago. Over on PC, with console betas coming in the near future, players have been getting to grips with the long awaited

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