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Hello and thanks for your interest in joining the PBSF Clan and Community. Starting within Elite Dangerous in 2015 the PBSF has since grown into the wider gaming community, offering the opportunity to play with friends through any game you could think of. With a strong focus on teamwork, the PBSF is the place for those looking to get away from the trash talking drama which gaming can often bring

With over 700 members worldwide, we welcome players on all platforms and on any level from Casual to Hardcore. Many have families and real life always comes first, so if you play every night, every week, or just a few times a month there’s a place here for you. We offer many different groups and you can join us by following the links below, for any games or genres which suit you

As well as clan members, everybody is welcome in the Pixel Bandits Official Discord which you can find Just Here

Elite Dangerous
The Pixel Bandits Security Force was created by Elite Dangerous Ambassador CMDR Pendragon. Our Triple Elite player group and faction is one of the largest in the game and has also been included in artwork for the Elite Dangerous RPG. With events, short and long term goals and people on all platforms to fly with, we welcome commanders from Harmless to Elite, and have a strong focus on enjoying the game together, and with our many allies, rather than conflict.

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Our Roughnecks division play all war based games together. Whether you enjoy the infantry feel of Call of Duty and Battlefield, the vehicular combat of WarThunder, or strategic command with RTS titles, the Roughnecks is the place for you

Click here to fight on the frontlines with the Roughnecks

For exploration, adventure and RPG titles, the Pathfinders are our expeditionary team. Breaking through the boundaries of the unknown, the Pathfinders map the territories in Fallout, take on the adventures of E.S.O. and sail the Sea of Thieves, sharing their adventures here

Click here to explore the frontier with the Pathfinders

The PBSF offers specifically designated relaxation and recreation areas where our members can enjoy sports of any kind. Motorsports, blood-sports and traditional games such as football are welcomed here, where you can find matches or events to test your expertise against the rest of the clan (and maybe even the world)

Click here to compete with the R&R Department

Wider Community Groups
As well as the dedicated PBSF clan and community, the Pixel Bandits Media Group hosts wider community groups totaling over 17 thousand members and growing. If you’re looking to chat about Sea of Thieves, No Man’s Sky, or Subnautica you can join us there where our communities share the same rules and ethos with a slightly looser structure. Keep your eyes out for more community groups coming in future.

Pixel Bandits