Review – EPOS GTW 270 Hybrid

Courtesy of the folks at EPOS I’ve been taking a look at their wireless in-ear solution for PC, mobile, PS4, PS5 and Nintendo Switch with the GTW 270 Hybrid earbuds. I’ve had an extended period with this premium pair, and have thoroughly enjoyed my time with them. As ever, find our video review just below, or keep reading for the extended written review.

The Basics

The GTW 270s are EPOS’ latency-free solution for gaming on the go, and are available with Bluetooth only, as well as the Hybrid set supplied with an AptX dongle. I’ve been using my set in pretty much every area of life, with gaming both at home and on the go, audio books, Spotify, and even with applications such as Microsoft Teams and our work soft phone system.

The set charges fast, from zero-juice to a full battery in around an hour and a half without compromising longevity. There’s not been a moment where I’ve been caught with no battery with the GTW 270s, having five hours uninterrupted battery life for each earbud, and a further 20 available in the gunmetal carry case.

The multi-point connection means that it can also connect to different devices at the same time, something that’s come in very handy in the workplace (mixing softphone availability on PC with a soundtrack on phone) and at home, switching seamlessly between Nintendo Switch and Tik Tok.

The set comes with an anodised aluminium carry case, the earbuds themselves, multiple ear tips, USB-C dongle and a USB-C to USB-A converter. The AptX low-latency codec provides an immersive experience, benefitting from outstanding noise isolation and great audio clarity. EPOS’ own miniaturised audio drivers give some great bass, and a nice natural sound in every environment I’ve used them in.

It may be small-form, but the anodised aluminium carry case provides great protection for this premium set.

The Run Down

Build – Great: This is one of those times where “great” doesn’t quite cut it. The build quality on the earbuds themselves, and especially the carry case, is absolutely outstanding. They genuinely feel like a premium product, and they have a pretty high life expectancy. The GTW 270s have undergone extensive toddler-testing in our home, being thrown around and dropped from height. Even when dropping onto a concrete car park (twice, sorry!) they’ve held up well and are still completely solid.

Storage – Great: The carry case has a really small profile, allowing it to be stored pretty much anywhere, without impact. The short charge time and supremely long battery life have meant I’ve been charging these up once every two weeks or so, and I’ve not been caught with no battery as yet.

Price – Fair: The EPOS GTW 270 hybrid earbuds deliver great audio, with premium build quality, but they do retail at around £180 which isn’t exactly entry level to the market. You do get a great product for the price you pay, and I would definitely say they are worth it, but at nearly £200 it’s not going to fit into everybody’s budget.

Designed for comfort, the connections, the GTW 270s come with multiple ear tips, and various connection options.

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Overall the Pixel Bandits Isolation Level for the EPOS GTW 270 hybrid is Grab It. Designed for gaming on the go, the EPOS GTW 270 Hybrids have performed exceptionally all around. While they aren’t the cheapest on the market, their huge multi-platform and multi-point connection facilities do mean you can get an awful lot of use out of them. Over the months which I’ve been looking at the set, there’s not been a single day where they haven’t seen use, often for hours at a time as I use them to block out background sounds and get on with 5 hours of writing.

Dual microphones and some great audio quality do bring nice natural clarity to whatever medium you happen to need it for, and after testing extensively with gaming, music, audio books, conference calls and having them as earplugs to block out background chatter (thanks noise isolation) I’ve been very very happy with them. In terms of comfort, they’ve been great for me even through long sessions, and the battery life has provided a huge surprise, with a charge every two weeks being more than enough to keep them going.

You might not be able to just throw down £180 on whim, but if you do have the cash available to treat yourself, and you’re playing on PC, Playstation, Nintendo Switch or mobile, the GTW 270 hybrid earbuds provide an excellent low-latency option for gaming, watching or listening on the go.

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