Station to Station Review

With thanks to the folks at Galaxy Grove and Prismatika, we’re bringing you our full review for Station to Station. As ever, this includes our common-sense parent’s guide, as well as accessibility analysis. If you’re wondering if Station to Station is good, or even just if it’s safe for kids, we’ve got you covered.

Our video review is just below, or you can keep reading for our extended written review below.

The Basics – What is Station to Station About?

Available on: PC (Steam)
Price: £14.99
Type: Voxel-art train-based puzzles
Download: 5.6GB

Station to Station is a laid-back puzzle-breaking affair. You’ll use stations and rails to join raw materials with industries, and make sure that different produce can get to the cities that need it. It’s a fairly simplistic title, but we’ve found it to be bursting with charm, providing an exceptionally cosy and relaxing title to get a little lost in.

Players will look to join these industrial landmarks within six different cozy regions. Each region has five or six scenarios, and while straightforward they do offer increasing challenges as you progress. Station to Station allows strategic thinking, offering puzzle-solvers bonuses for stacking goods. In addition to additional income, stacking will also allow you to hit financial targets for each level.

Station to Station also gives various star challenges, with different objectives to unlock the additional achievement. Each scenario will require you to simply join all buildings to form a rail network and ensure goods can move to where needed. These financial and star challenges give completionists a little something extra, without breaking the relaxed and cosy environment for those who prefer a laid-back playthrough.

Maps are separate but look nice even from above

As well as placing stations, rails and bridges (and watching your bank balance), Station to Station also provides single-use cards. These cards can give various help, such as lowering costs for rails, bridges and forest management, or increasing payout for completing connections. It’s important to use each at the right time if you want to get the most out of them, but with a chill nature to the game overall, it’s not vital that you get this right.

Is Station to Station Safe for Children?

Rating: Family Friendly.

According to the Family Gaming Database, Station to Station is rated by PEGI at 3 and above, but we have not found a rating for the ESRB at the time of publication. With that said, this one is absolutely family friendly. We’ve not found any concerning elements, and with the ability to turn money requirements off, micro-bandits can build to their heart’s content. It might not be aimed at younger ones, but it’s certainly one which we’re happy for our micro-bandits to get involved with.

Is Station to Station Accessible?

Rating: No Barrier.

It is abundantly clear that the folks at Galaxy Grove have worked to make Station to Station as relaxing as possible. This has also meant that it’s also very accessible, and it’s one perfectly suited to players who want or need to take their time. All controls can be fully mapped to whatever you need, and the clear well-contrasted visuals mean easier reading.

In addition, players have the option to turn off monetary requirements at any point. This means that you’re free to play not only at a time which suits you, but you are just able to build without limits. While it’s possible to challenge yourself in the title using challenges and stack bonuses, it’s not something that’s required.

The Voxel art visuals really make close ups pop
The Run Down – Our Five-Point Rating for Station to Station

Gameplay – 4: For those looking for a train management sim this one might not have the depth you’re expecting. However, as a cute and strategic puzzle sim Station to Station hits all of the right buttons. While you won’t be doing much more than simply laying tracks, the different building and city requirements and pickups manage to keep things fresh, and if you’re looking for a relaxed vibe, this is it.

Visuals – 4: The Voxel graphics are lovely here, with lovely design on trains, animals and buildings along your travels. While it’s possible to turn off depth-of-field effects, it does get a little hard to get the right area in view when up close, but other than this the title’s visuals really nail the cosy effect aimed for.

Audio – 5: The music in Station to Station is well crafted, and really helps to bring a calm environment to the game. In addition, effects manage to provide texture without breaking the immersive cosiness.

Narrative – 2: Sadly, there’s really no narrative to speak of in Station to Station, past the names for each of the areas. It’s not something we might particularly expect from what is essentially a puzzle game, but it did feel like it could provide some extra engagement in game.

Replay – 4: As well as a good number of different scenarios, Station to Station also provides an endless supply of sandbox maps which you can keep playing. Each level also comes with star and financial goals (as long as you’re playing with budget) and while you don’t have to get these it does provide a little something extra to chase.

Station to Station provides nice, but not mandatory challenges
The Verdict – Is Station to Station Worth It?

Pixel Bandits All Aboard Level for Station to Station is a respectable 8 / 10.

Station to Station doesn’t have the train-management depth of titles such as Railway Empire but it really does nail it as a cosy puzzle adventure. The different biomes don’t have much mechanical impact, but do provide a sense of progression, alongside additional cards and industries.

It’s lovely to watch your cities grow as you connect them with additional goods and passengers. In addition, there’s a real sense of achievement after securing particularly lengthy stack chains, when placing your final piece.

It’s a nice one to share with the family as well, and our micro-bandits enjoy watching the incredibly cute trains pootling between cities and stations. If you’re looking for a relaxed and exceptionally adorable puzzle title, Station to Station is definitely one to take a look at.

As ever, to provide this review and common-sense parent’s guide, we received a free copy of Station to Station from the folks at Prismatika.

you’ll look to link up these little outposts with cities, to deliver vital goods
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